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Outdoor Policy Guide

Every youth deserves transformational experiences in the outdoors, whether in class, in a school garden, at a summer camp, or in countless other settings.


There is much that leaders at the state and local level can do to open the door to meaningful connections between youth, their local community, and the outdoors, and to support opportunities for youth who may not otherwise have the chance. This Outdoor Policy Guide highlights state and local policies from around the United States that are intended to build opportunities for youth learning and recreation in and about the outdoors through a wide range of approaches. It is intended as a tool to inform and inspire as we seek to make change in our own state and in our own communities. Explore the guide, empower yourself as an advocate, and connect with NBEC to join your voice with other advocates working to empower Maine’s next generation of leaders with the outdoor experiences they deserve.

Explore the full list of policies below or filter by location, scale, policy type, or all of the above, and results will be displayed instantly. Explore detailed summaries of each policy by clicking 'Learn more.'

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Climate Education


Grant Fund

Community Process

Outdoor Recreation

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Outdoor Learning in Schools

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Early Childhood Education

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