Our Initiatives

The Nature Based Education Consortium is pleased to announce three outdoor learning advocacy initiatives. Based on stakeholder feedback and recent statewide research these initiatives respond to expressed needs, emerging opportunities, and momentum in the field to provide concrete ways to get involved in NBEC's work. We hope that you consider applying to join one of these task forces!

Climate Change Education

Led by youth and in partnership with many groups focused on climate change in Maine, we are working to advance climate change education in Maine.  Since climate change’s impacts are most apparent at the local scale, climate education provides a unique opportunity to link youth to the environment in their communities.


Municipal Advocacy

Since school policy is decided at the local level, supporting local advocates to work for nature based education programming at the school and district-level can magnify our state-level work. By providing model district policy and advocacy resources and by connecting supportive teachers, principals, and superintendents with local peer advocacy opportunities, we can build momentum towards ensuring every Maine youth has access to quality outdoor learning opportunities.

Our efforts to advance outdoor learning access in Maine is part of a growing movement of outdoor recreation, eco-tourism, and natural-resource economic and workforce development. We are working in partnership with state agencies, business partners, and other Maine organizations and networks to elevate outdoor recreation access for Maine youth and build broad awareness of the benefits of outdoor activity.

Outdoor Recreation



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