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 Climate Education Policy

LD 1902 A Resolve To Establish a Pilot Program To Encourage Climate Education in Maine Public Schools

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Update from 4/22/2022

  • LD 1902 has gotten approved for over $2 million by the Appropriations Committee, after being passed & enacted in the House & Senate!

Explore the history of the Climate Education Bill

We see state-level decision-making as one opportunity to make outdoor learning accessible. Many school decisions are made locally in Maine, and we are working toward systems change at a local level. Learn more about our Local Outdoor Learning Advocacy working group.

All youth have the right to meaningful outdoor experience, but not all youth in Maine have the opportunity to learn and explore outdoors. Click here to learn about Stories of Change, an NBEC working group focused on an initiative to elevate the stories of BIPOC and other marginalized people outdoors.

This bill will provide much-needed support to help Maine teachers meet standards and best serve their students.

It will fund climate education professional development for teachers and partnerships between schools and community organizations.

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