Climate Education Working Group

Climate Change education is a strong point of access for outdoor learning. Since climate change’s impacts are most apparent at the local scale,  climate education provides a unique opportunity to link youth to the environment in their communities. There are successful models for climate education policy elsewhere in the US, strong existing networks of support and advocacy in Maine, and multiple frameworks for advancing this policy initiative. With the coronavirus crisis highlighting the necessity of resilience in our society, the importance of learning from current crises in order to face future ones has never been more clear.

Last year, this task force successfully advocated for the inclusion of climate education in the Maine Climate Council Climate Action Plan. In 2021, its focus is on pushing climate education legislation forward, through storytelling, lobbying, and collaboration with other networks. The Climate Education Advocacy working group will continue working alongside the Maine Climate Council (with whom many group members have formed relationships in the past year) and the Maine Department of Education to support a stakeholder process to push forward next steps toward increased climate education through policy in Maine. 

Do you want all Maine youth to have access to climate change education? 
Are you already providing climate change education?
Are you a Maine student who cares about climate change education?

Deeply informed by successful climate education policies nationwide, the Climate Education working group will continue to vision and work toward designing innovative and community-led, equitable climate education policies.

Current Climate Education working group participants:

For inquiries about the Climate Education Advocacy Working Group, contact co-chairs Kosis Ifeji and Riley Stevenson.


For general inquiries, contact network manager Nathan Broaddus.

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