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Oregon’s Outdoor School for All


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In 2016, Oregon passed an “Outdoor School for All” law by ballot initiative to increase student access to outdoor learning.  Voters overwhelmingly approved the measure (Measure 99), with 34 of Oregon's 36 counties passing the measure, and 67% of Oregon's voters approving. Administered by the Oregon State University Cooperative Extension, $44 million $22 million per year from the State Lottery (4% of State Lottery income) is allocated in every two year budget, at $22 million per year.

Theis bill directs the Oregon State University Extension Service to assist school districts and education service districts to provide outdoor school programs. This assistance will be through administering a grant program, providing program leadership, and providing program maintenance. The program includes all fifth or sixth grade students, including those who are home schooled or to attend charter schools.

Programs are assessed by many factors, including promoting improved test scores, reduction of classroom discipline issues, improved communication skills, and accessibility to students of all abilities. The law ensures assistance for programs by providing curriculum and guidance on best practices, program evaluations, staff training, and other support.

Since its inception in 2016, the Oregon Outdoor School for All program has continued to build support in order for every student in Oregon to have a transformative outdoor school experience.  Beginning in 2018, Oregon State University put together an annual program overview to outline the successes and challenges of the program throughout that year.  These overviews compile statewide program evaluation reports, program-specific evaluations, and feedback from students, programs, and teachers and school administrators.  The recommendations and suggestions from stakeholders help Oregon Outdoor School for All programming improve and develop.

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$46.8 million, 2020 & 2021

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$70.8 million

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State Lottery

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Ballot Initiative

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