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In 1988, Minnesota's voters approved a constitutional amendment establishing the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. The purpose of the Trust Fund is to provide a long-term, consistent, and stable source of funding for activities that protect and enhance Minnesota's environment and natural resources for the benefit of current citizens and future generations. 

The money in the Trust Fund originates from a combination of contributions and investment income. Forty percent of the net proceeds from the Minnesota State Lottery are deposited to the Trust Fund each year; this contribution is guaranteed by the Minnesota Constitution until December 31, 2024. The Trust Fund may also receive contributions from other sources such as private donations.

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Year Created


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>$360 million

Continuing or One-time Funding

Continuing (yearly until 2024)

Funding Source

From investment income and amounts annually appropriated from the Minnesota State Lottery, and other sources such as private donations

Path to Enactment

Constitutional Amendment

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