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Woodland Hills, Pennsylvania

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Through this resolution, board of education members direct the Superintendent of Woodland Hills Schools to establish a Climate Change Committee, who will recommend district-wide changes for more environmentally-aware policies.

The Climate Change Committee proposed a number of recommendations, but the final decision is awaiting committee. Those policies include incorporating more environmental studies and advocacy into the school’s curriculum, facility and operational priorities, offering more climate-friendly food services, acting on facilities, and engaging with local and state officials on climate policy. 

This resolution, similar to others that were approved by 55 districts across the nation, began in an 8th-grade science class at Woodland Hills Junior High School, in which students took part in a climate change workshop led by Communitopia, a Pittsburgh-based environmental organization. After attending the workshop, the 8th-grade class of 27 students sent letters to the school board, expressing their concerns for the future of the environment. Communitopia continues to host climate change workshops (funded by the Heinz Endowments) throughout the Woodland Hills school district for students and in surrounding districts. This resolution makes Woodland Hills the first school district in the state of Pennsylvania to adopt a climate change resolution.

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