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2023 Outdoor Equity Fund Grantee

Wabanaki Youth in Science


WaYS earth camp

Photo by [insert credit]

About Wabanaki Youth in Science (WaYS)

WaYS’ mission is to inspire and support persistence in the sciences for Native youth by providing long-term educational opportunities that integrate Indigenous ecological knowledge with western science.

Learn more about WaYS from its leaders:

John Neptune, Cultural Resource Coordinator

tish carr, Executive Director/Program Manager

Wambli Martinez, Jennifer Isherwood, Ben Collette, Elena Sparrow

WaYS Board: Dr. Darren Ranco, Evelyn Dore, Clarissa E. Sabattis, Chris Phillips, Fenton Jones, Donald Soctomah, Jennifer Galipeau, Candi Ewer

Weaving together Indigenous knowledge & western science

WaYS focuses on weaving Indigenous knowledge and western science together in a place-based, outdoor setting to benefit Native youth. We know that multiple views of nature benefit and empowers Native youth. It builds a better understanding that helps Native youth stay in school and helps them to embrace and understand the value of their knowledge and how important it is.  As one youth said, it actually gives them an advantage over their non-Native classmates.

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