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Advocating for Local Outdoor Learning

Why Local

Local advocacy involves people who reside within a community who are working together to achieve a shared outcome or goal.  Unlike state or federal advocacy, local advocacy happens right in your own community with your neighbors, school, community organizations and municipal government.

Can I be an Advocate?

Anyone who cares about quality education in Maine schools and communities can be a powerful advocate to advance outdoor learning opportunities.  In particular, parents and caregivers, students, educators, and community organizations have a powerful role to play in advocating for increased support for outdoor learning for all Maine children and youth.

Letters to the Editor (LTEs) are a powerful tool to elevate an issue before decion-makers and  the general public. Letters to the editor are typically 150-200 words, with one main point (two at most), and contain a relevant personal experience or story

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Letter to the Editor Templates
Parent LTE
Community Member LTE
Student LTE
Educator LTE
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