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Contact the Appropriations Committee

Make a call or send an email!

The Appropriations Committee determines whether this climate education bill gets funded.

Let them know that you think they should fully fund LD 1902, the Climate Education bill!

Click the photo of each committee member to see their phone number & email address

Cathy Breen.jpg

Chair - (D - Cumberland)

Teresa Pierce.jpg

Chair - (D - Falmouth)

Kristen Cloutier.jpg

(D - Lewiston)

Jessica Fay.jpg

(D - Raymond)

Sawin Millett.jpg

(R - Waterford)

Amy Arata.jpg

(R - New Gloucester)

Patrick Corey.jpg

(R - Windham)

Paul Davis.jpg

(R - Piscataquis)

Jack Ducharme.jpg

(R - Madison)

John Martin.jpg

(D - Eagle Lake)

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