Thrive Outside

We are part of a nationwide group of networks and collaborations working to make the outdoors accessible and equitable for all people.

As the backbone of the Outdoor Foundation's Thrive Outside Maine community, NBEC is strengthening our statewide network of nonprofit, philanthropic, and business partners. Maine is one of 8 Thrive Outside communities in the national network learning from each other in building equitable access to the outdoors.

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Here's what is happening in other Thrive Outside communities across the US:
  • ATLANTA: The Thrive Outside Atlanta Community is led by the Trust  for Public Land together with a diverse network of partners in West  Atlanta and along the Chattahoochee River. 

  • GRAND RAPIDS: The Thrive Outside Grand Rapids Community is  led by Our Community’s Children, a partnership of the City of Grand  Rapids & Grand Rapids Public Schools & the Parks & Recreation  Department. 

  • OKLAHOMA CITY: The Thrive Outside Oklahoma City Community is  led by the OKC RIVERSPORT Foundation together with a broad based network of partners infusing an active, outdoor lifestyle among  youth. 

  • PHILADELPHIA: The Thrive Outside Philadelphia Community, led by the  National Wildlife Federation, is bringing together several regional  organizations, stakeholders and existing large-scale networks to collectively  create pathways for equitable access to the outdoors. 

  • SAN DIEGO: The Thrive Outside San Diego Community, led by The San  Diego Foundation, is strengthening an existing network of nonprofit,  philanthropic, academic and government partners. 

  • ST. LOUIS: The Thrive Outside St. Louis Community, led by newly created  River City Outdoors, is activating a growing network of community  stakeholders dedicated to making outdoor recreational opportunities more  accessible and equitable for their region.