Outdoor Recreation

Connecting to the Maine outdoors is part of what it means to be a Mainer. Our love of the Maine landscape and the ways we like to experience it comes in all shapes and sizes, and it is a love that unifies us. The recipe for success to build a thriving outdoor economy and meaningful support for outdoor programming involves getting organizations, foundations, state agencies, and individuals to work together to make sure that when people think about our state, they think of the outdoors.


In Maine, we are gaining momentum  and creating broad-based support for outdoor recreation. 

  • 2017: Maine Outdoor Brands, an outdoor industry association, was formed.

  • 2018: the Maine State Office of Outdoor Recreation was created.

  • 2019: Maine signed on as one of 13 states in the Confluence Accords, an interstate agreement to advance the outdoor sector the recognizes the intersection between the outdoors, conservation, education, economic development, and public health.


NBEC has great allies to work towards a future in which all Maine youth are connected to their communities and to the land.

Our Outdoor Recreation task force is collaborating with our partner networks, agencies, and organizations to lay the groundwork for future support for outdoor recreation organizations and programs.

Do you want all Maine youth to connect to Maine's outdoors? 
Are you already providing outdoor recreation programming?
Do you want to work with partners across the state to build support for outdoor recreation in Maine?
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