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New Hampshire's House Bill 1635 increases climate change instruction in the state. This bill increases the hours of climate change instruction by age group, which would include lessons on the “anthropogenic causes of climate change, effects of climate change on New Hampshire, species affected by climate change in New Hampshire, coastal impacts of climate change, changes in weather patterns, climate change impacts locally and globally, alternatives to fossil fuels, maximizing energy efficiency in homes and schools, information about careers in solar, wind, algae, hydrogen power and other developing innovative energy sources, and STEM activities that include problem-solving, social concerns, energy engineering, invention, installation, maintenance, literary, and informative performance opportunities.” This unfunded mandate does not include any additional support for curriculum development, professional development, or oversight in this amendment. 

This bill would amend state statute (RSA 189 - Education Policy related to school boards, superintendents, teachers, truant officers, school census, transportation, and instruction of students) to increase climate change instruction in the state. This bill has been referred for interim study and is now in the Education Committee.

PreK-3: 2 hours of climate education.

Grades 4-6-:4 hours of climate education.

Grades 7-8: 8 hours of climate education.

Grades 9-12: at least 10 hours of climate education or one full semester of an environmental education course.

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