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Outdoor Recreation

This grant program will provide financial support and resources to establish and maintain outdoor education programs for students.  School, organizational, or agency programs that include one or more of the following will be considered for this grant:

  • Contribution to the reduction of academic failure and dropout rates;

  • Utilization of a nationally accredited environmental education curriculum;

  • Contributions to a healthy lifestyle through outdoor recreation and nutrition programming

  • Use of a state park as a venue or the department's personnel as a resource;

  • Maximizing the number of participants that can be served;

  • Commitment to matching or in-kind resources; and

  • Creation of public-private partnerships.

This grant program will be phased in starting with schools with the most significant needs, and those focused on at-risk students. All applicants should provide outdoor education programming. Schools that participate in this grant program must provide programs that align with Hawaii’s learning standards.

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