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The California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) Network is a program of the California Department of Education. The CREEC Network supports regional partnerships by connecting teachers with professional learning opportunities and education resources with a focus on environmental education and environmental literacy. Partner organizations and governmental agencies join each of the 11 CREEC Regions to provide professional learning opportunities and resources to educators and cultivate communication among schools and organizations interested in supporting the environmental literacy of California’s teachers and students.

A one-time allocation of $4 million has been used to promote State environmental education guidelines and help teachers implement them, while additional funding is leveraged from separate nonprofits or other government agencies for grants to teachers and schools for programming and material needs. Of the core allocation, $1.5 million is earmarked for the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery for curriculum printing and delivery of education and environment materials for local educational agencies.

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$4 million, 2018 fiscal year

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$4 million

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Environmental License Plate Funds

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Dept. of Ed, Legislature

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