We are building support from the ground up. As we consider effective approaches to statewide policy work, two main pathways stand out: Build support from the top down through state-level policy, and build support from the bottom up by promoting systems change at the school leadership, school district or town level. Because local leaders make school spending and program decisions, the policy decisions that are made at this level are likely to be immediate and durable over time. Peer support and advocacy from district advocates throughout the state is both effective in message and particularly persuasive in neighboring towns.


We are developing versatile tools and supports. The Municipal Advocacy task force is oriented towards advocating for equitable access for all Maine youth to outdoor learning support and programming at the local level, with tools such as toolkits and model policies, community advocacy guidance and training,and helping to build an activated network of school, district, and municipal leaders and community members who can speak to the positive impact of community-based outdoor learning in their districts and towns. 

Our process is tailored to each community's needs and is rooted in equity. Community members and leaders know their needs the best and are their own best advocates. Working with a diverse team to implement community-centered equitable design processes is core to our approach to build local advocacy strategies and supports that work.

Do you want to affect change in your own community?
Are you a local leader who cares about outdoor learning?
Do you want to build a network of local leaders and community members to advocate for outdoor learning opportunities for all Maine youth?

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