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Local Outdoor Learning
Resource & Mobilization Hub

Learning from and alongside others across Maine

If you're a teacher, student, parent, educator, or other community member looking to expand access to outdoor learning locally, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. That's why we've compiled resources to help you along the way.


Guides on to make a difference at the school, district, and town level.


Individual Maine-based practitioners who can support you in your efforts.

Case Studies

Stories of local communities making a change and advancing outdoor learning.


Map of Maine community organizations that can partner to advance outdoor learning.


Workshops and courses to provide educators with the skills they need for outdoor learning.


Guides on getting started with outdoor learning in your community.

Model Policies

Outdoor learning policies from towns, districts, and states across the US.


Infographics and peer-reviewed articles about the benefits of connection to nature for youth.

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