In 2017, a core group of organizations with a shared vision for nature-based education began to broaden into a multi-sector network of support for outdoor learning in Maine. This broad consortium seeks not to be duplicative, competitive, or redundant, but rather to focus on work that is systemic and transformational, such that no individual organization could accomplish it alone.

There are many ways to be involved in the network and we would love to have you join us in working to elevate and support outdoor learning throughout the Maine. There  are three main roles in the Consortium: in the Steering Committee, on a Task Force, or as an NBEC Ambassador. Read below to learn more! If you have limited time but still want to contribute, we always have need for occasional volunteers. 

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Steering Committee

The role of the Steering Committee is to distill and focus the direction of the Consortium, to approve and to grow its capacity. The Steering Committee is  made up of 10-15 participants. The vision for this role builds on the Task Force member and includes:

Steering Committee

  • Serve for a 1, 2, or 3 year term

  • Attend monthly Steering Committee meetings in-person or online

  • Set yearly budget for the Consortium and associated task forces

  • Establish priorities and oversee workplan implementation

  • Represent the Nature Based Education Consortium at events

  • Financial oversight – Fiscal Sponsor (1 year term)

  • Sign agreements

  • Approve invoices – with Oversight Committee

  • Grant reporting oversight

Task Force

The role of Task Force member is to support the efforts of the Consortium through active and consistent engagement with the other stakeholders on a regular basis and to
support the work of the Task Force in which they participate. The participant will have the ability to participate in Taskforce-level decision-making.

Task Forces

The vision for this role builds on the role of the Ambassador and also includes:

  • Attend Task Force meetings on a bimonthly basis and around specific efforts as needed

  • Engage in project-based support work specific to each Task Force as defined in the Task Force description

  • Support events and convenings where the event intersects with Task Force priorities

CURRENT TASK FORCES: Advocacy, Communications


The role of Ambassador is the foundation of everything that happens with the Consortium. Ambassadors support the efforts of the Consortium through active and consistent  engagement with the other participants. The vision for this role includes:

  • Agree to the guiding principles

  • Follow the work of the Consortium and fellow Ambassadors


  • Proactive sharing with the Consortium and with your own networks

  • Volunteer for Consortium initiatives or events when possible

  • Attend periodic convenings

  • Help the Consortium to build an inventory of skills by identifying your  unique strengths and contributions (planned or otherwise) that can be used in support of the Consortium

  • Catalyze the network by bringing new participants into the network and facilitating connections between network participants

  • Support collaborations, communications, networking

  • Endorse Consortium initiatives

Let us know how you want to engage in the network!

The Nature Based Education Consortium is evolving to meet the needs of the network working collectively to develop a range of responsive efforts that create sustainable, meaningful support for outdoor learning for all Maine youth. With this in mind, please commit to a level of engagement that you feel is sustainable:

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